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Copyright 2016

CLIKI - Wireless Smart Button

​CLIKI is a wireless remote button that simplifies how you interact with your smartphone.  Remotely control your Music, Camera, Track stuff, Find phone or use as a PANIC alert button to summon help in an emergency.

​CLIKI is easy to setup and simple to use  and works with the latest Android and Apple smartphones running Android 4.4 (KitKat) and iOS 7 or later software.  Phones must be Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) capable.

Download the CLIKI  mobile App from Google Play  or the AppStore 


Not all smart buttons are created equal.  CLIKI comes packed with popular pre-loaded features, grouped in simple to use functions and accessed by one amazing App.

No user registration or complicated programming is necessary to get started.  Simply connect CLIKI to your smartphone, select the function you want to control and click the button to activate.


​For ANDROID and iOS 

CLIKI android app
  • Faster access to Apps and Functions  you use most.
  • ​Remote control for Music, Camera, GPS, Open Apps and more.
  • ​PANIC Alert button.  Summon for help in an emergency.
  • ​Bluetooth Tracker.  Track keys, backpack,  or  find phone.