1. What is CLIKI?

CLIKI is a wireless smart button that provides a shortcut to the most popular features you use on your smartphone, such as your camera, music or launching GPS for directions.

2. How is CLIKI different from other smart buttons?

Smart buttons are awesome, but they can sometimes be difficult to program and confusing to use.  CLIKI includes a very simple to use App to select the function and control the features to use with the button. The features and button functions are pre-programmed so it is simple to set-up and use.  CLIKI is very compact and stylish and is available with a a key fob attachment so you can attach it to just about anything, like keys, clothing, backpack or lanyard.  

3. How do I use CLIKI?

CLIKI connects wirelessly to your IOS or Android device via Bluetooth and includes an easy to use mobile App that you download from the App store or Google Play. Once you decide what function you want to operate with your CLIKI button, just select it in the App.   Now whenever you press CLIKI it will control the selected feature.  As these features are already pre-programmed to the button, there is no need for any additional programming.  Using CLIKI is intuitive.  There are basically three actions available Click, Double Click and Long Press.  The instructions on how to control each feature is shown in the instruction bar at the bottom of the screen when the feature is selected in case you forget. 

4. How do I prevent CLIKI from being accidentally activated?

CLIKI is pre-programmed with a button lock/unlock feature to prevent accidental activation if needed.  Simply click the button 3 times to lock the button.  Another 3 clicks unlocks the button.  CLIKI also has a auto-lock feature that that you can activate to lock the button automatically if it is not used for a while.  You can change the lock delay time from the settings menu.

5. Will CLIKI work with all Android and Apple devices?

No.  CLIKI requires the device to be Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) capable and for Android devices to be running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later and Apple devices to be running iOS 7 or later firmware.

5. Can the battery in CLIKI be replaced?

Yes.  Simply remove the back cover and replace the CR2032 battery.  Note that the screws are covered by the outlined area on product label on the back of the button.

6. How long will the battery last?

The battery life will typically last up to two years so you won't have to change it very often.  If the LED does not flash red or green when the button is pressed the battery should be replaced.

7. Can I use CLIKI outdoors?

Yes.  CLIKI is water resistant and can be used during regular activities but it should not be submerged in water or excess moister as it is not waterproof.

8. Will I be able to use multiple features on my phone at the same time?

Yes.  You can select a single group of functions to control (like Camera, Music, etc.) or set your own click functions with My CLICK that allows you control multiple functions in the same mode (such as 1 Click for Camera, 2 Click for Music skip and Long Press for SOS). 

9. Can I set SOS feature to be available in any mode?

Yes.  By changing the Triple Click Default setting from Button Lock/Unlock to S.O.S will allow you to activate SOS function anytime the button is clicked three times.

10. Will my user data (contacts, location etc.) be stored remotely?

No.  We do not collect or use your personal data other than what is required the features for the mobile App to function properly.  For example, the App needs access to your contacts to be able to send text messages that is not stored or used by  us but the information may be recorded and stored by the messaging/mobile carrier service.

Copyright 2016 ClikiButton.com

Copyright 2016 ClikiButton.com